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Who Are We


Pilates 4U was established in 2009, with the objective to provide all of our clients with the best possible Pilates experience. We strive to provide an environment where every client can build and maintain a strong, healthy body. At Pilates 4U we use science-based tools to rehabilitate, strengthen and improve the quality of life for everyone who comes through our doors. By building a stronger and healthier body, you will reveal a revitalized and happier ‘you’, which will transfer to all aspects of your life. Consistency is key, and we will be on hand at all times to motivate and encourage.


Our chief instructor Rob has many years of training and experience in Stott Pilates and is currently collaborating with Breathe Education, to learn even more about anatomy, physiology, biomechanics, and pain science. With us, you can be assured of the most qualified and professional guidance, to achieving the strong and healthy body you deserve.


Pilates 4U has been moving towards its mission since 2009. We strive to give the best service we can, looking to build, maintain and rehab everybody that walks through our door. We have some amazing people in our team all with their own unique qualities they bring to Pilates 4U.


We aim to build and maintain strength as it is very important for all humans in all ages of life. At Pilates 4U we use science-based tools to help everyone who comes to see us become better, happier, healthier humans so they can go forward and live their best life in family life, sports, travel & social. When we are fit and healthy we all feel the benefit. 

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