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 Say goodbye to back pain! 
 Build strength and flexibility! 

 Rediscover an extraordinary life! 


We work with you to get to your fitness goals fast

  You feel amazing
   You will be pain free
  You will look amazing

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Consistency is the magic source
It allows you to have a routine that makes reaching various fitness goals easier and faster.

Rehab | Strength | Flexibility

Ready to make those changes
Broadway Pilates is here to help


Lower back pain/we can get you out of pain fast!

Dealing with Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain is a widespread issue that can result from various factors, including poor posture, muscle strain, or injury. It can hinder daily activities and affect your quality of life.

Get ready to conquer that lower back pain with my help! 

Exercise Supercharge: I've got tailor-made exercises to boost your lower back's strength and flexibility.

Posture Power-Up: Unleash the secrets of perfect sitting and standing to banish pain.

Ergonomic Magic: Let's transform your workspace into a back-friendly haven.

Lifestyle Revolution: Discover the art of managing weight, staying active, and crushing stress.

Zen Warrior Techniques: I'll teach you mind-blowing techniques to conquer pain and stress like a pro.

Resource Treasure Trove: Dive into a wealth of informative articles that will empower you on this journey.

No more holding back – reach out anytime for an exciting path to a pain-free back!

Factors Behind Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain can result from:

Muscle Strain: Overexertion or improper lifting. Poor Posture: Incorrect sitting, standing, or sleeping habits. Sedentary Lifestyle: Prolonged inactivity.Aging: Degenerative changes, like herniated discs. Injuries: Accidents or sports-related incidents.Medical Conditions: Such as arthritis, kidney stones, or infections. Obesity: Excess weight puts stress on the back. Stress: Emotional tension leading to muscle tightness. Smoking: Impairs healing and blood flow.

Benefits of Pilates


Pilates is effective in injury prevention, rehabilitation and alleviation of a broad range of health conditions. It is recommended by GPs for its careful and restorative nature.


​Increased flexibility and stability result in attention to postural alignment throughout the day. This increased body awareness keeps you standing tall and tummy tucked – you feel good and look good! ​


​Pilates is unlike any other resistance training you have ever done.  It builds core strength AND long lean muscles. You will get stronger without the bulk.


​Pilates strengthens your tummy, back and pelvic floor muscles without straining other joints, so it's a safe and effective exercise to do when you're carrying a baby.


“Robert is a gifted pilates teacher who has a wry sense of humor combined with a keen focus on movement and alignment."


"This is the first time that I have been to pilates and Robert was able to cater for our various ailments and ages. he has been able to make the lesson suitable for my bad knees and I feel that mobility and general fitness is much improved."


"My first Pilates session with Rob was a revelation. Even in that first session, I got the sense that there was something uniquely effective and targeted at my particular problem. By the 3rd session, I was convinced Pilates could be a game changer for me."


I absolutely love Rob's energy. He always greets you with the biggest smile. He is so insightful when it comes to keeping a balanced lifestyle and incorporating Pilates to augment your lifestyle whether you are sitting at a desk all day, a fitness junkie, a mum running around with children, or want to maintain a healthy, strong body. I recommend Rob to everyone who asks for recommendations. His studio is also squeaky clean and smells fresh as a daisy.




Set you up with some amazing smart goals


Give you a custom workout plan


Live zoom sessions


Goal targeting and adjustments 


Live zoom session coaching to set healthy habiots


Weekly homework with accountability measures


2 way sms accountability coaching


workout area set up for peak performance

FAQ Who is Pilates for?

Pilates is for everyone looking to stay fit and build strength, flexibility

FAQ What to expect working with us?

We work towards fitness goals, build strength, help people out of injury and back to an amazing life.

FAQ Do we need to have any Pilates experiance?

Not at all, come along and have a chat and a wonderful uplifting session, the learning part is easy!

FAQ Do we work both online and in studio?

We have a fully equipped studio plus we also deliver some amazing Zoom sessions.

FAQ Do you work with rehabilitation clients?

Yes we do, our instructor is a clinical pilates instructor Hip/Knee replacements, Disc herniations, tendinopathies we work with all injuries.










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Memberships run month on month whether you are in a monthly 3 or 6-month plan. In certain plans, you will have the option to move a session if you are not on one of these plans the 24-hour rule is there to help.


call or text Robert 24 hours in advance (including Friday morning for a Monday morning appointment) to allow us to offer the time to another client who may be waiting. If you advise us less than 24 hours in advance and we are unable to fill the canceled spot you will be charged.  one-off exceptions may be made for illness or unforeseen circumstances. Pilates 4U does not offer refunds but we are happy to offer a credit for future use.

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